Today was a transition. It feels like I’ve travelled 1000 miles. Googlemaps tells me it’s only 86.2. It was a relaxed transition that I had well prepared for, thanks to the therapeutic effects of writing last night’s blog post. It felt really good, so I decided to write tonight as well. Today is just as […]

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Christmas in L’Arche

Right now, at 8:16 pm, December 25th, I am making turkey stew. Tomorrow around 10 am I will be transitioning out of a very special chapter of my life. Today my beautiful, international, loving community had Christmas dinner together. Me and my fellow assistants toiled over the stove. Stirring, probing, basting, baking, mashing, sautéing. We […]

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How I Felt When I Went to Omagh

Hey guys! Good morning from Letterkenny. I’m spending a week of holidays here with my partner. We’ve been relaxing, hanging out and exploring the local area. Our adventures on Monday took us to the town of Omagh, well known on this island and throughout the world as the setting for the single most vicious attack […]

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Good morning! It’s 7:49 am on Friday and my heart is full of joy and peace and love. I’ve been intimidated and annoyed with myself that I haven’t found anything worthy to blog about yet and that I haven’t really made use of this space. The last thing that I want this blog to be […]

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Hello world!

Hey everyone! I’m Kelsey! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and vulnerable about this whole blogging business. I’m wondering why I decided to do it in the first place, wondering what it’s going to become. I suppose I took a notion to create a blog last Sunday morning. I was writing my first set of morning […]

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